Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bugfix Roundup #1

Fixed following bugs:

  • BUG: Everything after "&" in item description was being eaten up
  • BUG: HTML entities like < and > symbols are now properly encoded
  • BUG: Autosuggest now inserts special symbols correctly
  • BUG: [] Refreshing page or going back in mobile version does not rpeat previous action
  • BUG: Revised Windows Mobile IE browser detection and fallback to non-AJAX operation on a non-mobile version of Knotler
  • TWEAK: Revised automatic "small screen" stylesheet to hide many non-essential parts and save screen space
  • TWEAK: [] Removed "action" messages like "Items was added" from mobile version since it was unnecessary clutering precious screen space
  • TWEAK: [] Reverted back to large item buttons to make them useful on touch-screen devices

Thanks everyone for reporting!

1 comment:

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