Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bugfix Roundup #2

Here's another batch of fixes and tweaks:

  • BUGFIX: backslash symbol in items names was misbehaving
  • BUGFIX: was not able to drop dragged item if there was single item in the list
  • BUGFIX: dragging and dropping an item during autorefresh no longer clears the list
  • BUGFIX: adding consecutive items very quickly sometimes their order was messed up and some were not shown
  • BUGFIX: [iGoogle] bad behavior when list password was incorrect
  • BUGFIX: [iGoogle] fixed incorrect behavior in IE and Safari that was caused by security restrictions (cookies from iframe) 
  • TWEAK: added iPhone detection and special stylesheet to improve experience
  • TWEAK: notices and error messages now autohide after 10 seconds

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