Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Two Issues: iPhone and SMS

We have been receiving vast amount of feedback on various topics lately. Thank you all!

However there are two issues that clearly stand out from the rest: iPhone usage and lack of SMS. Let me address them here one by one:



Some iPhone users have reported that text in Knotler is too small to read on its screen. The trouble is that since I live in Europe Steve does not think I'm worthy enough to have it. And frankly speaking I'm not too psyched up the device to go through all the eBay and unlocking hassle.

However I will try to do my best to make necessary adjustments as outlined in this Apple document. (kindly suggested by Knotler visitor)

I would also appreciate if some iPhone user with a bit of spare time on his/her hands would volunteer to help me in ironing out iPhone support (preferably with access to ICQ, MSN or Skype). Just leave a comment on this post if you would like to help.



Sending and receiving your shopping lists via SMS was the feature we drooled for even before we started developing Knotler. As we though user should be able to add items to lists by sending SMS. He/she should also be able to receive complete list via SMS. Much like Google Calendar updates.

However the sad reality is that we're not Google. We don't have neither technical or financial resources to handle SMS infrastructure nor credibility to persuade service providers to give us free SMS.

Some people suggested using Twitter for updates. It's a great looking service but it requires registration to send or receive messages. This solution would violate our unwritten philosophy of not requiring people to register where registration is not absolutely necessary. So it's a NO GO for Twitter-based solution.

Bottom line is that we want SMS no less than you do and we're doing our best to find a free (hey we're not exactly mining gold here) SMS gateway service provider. Any tips would be very appreciated.


Scott said...

I have no idea is this is typical or not with other carriers, but with my phone through Sprint, I can send SMS messages to any email address. My phone also has an email address so I can receive SMS's via email also.

So maybe, just having an email interface would be alternative that many could use.

Martynas said...

Yes, that is one option. Indeed most carriers provide Email-SMS gateway. However it requires some set up from user part.

An excellent suggestion though. We will definetly add e-mail support some time soon.

Anonymous said...

twitter, jaiku, im, sms, email all require your user to have "registered" with some other services. That's fine. You're not *requiring* them to use any of those, you're just allowing people to connect them up. I don't think you want to cast aside any popular notification service you can technically support.

Martynas said...

John, I agree with you. However we will never be able to support ALL the popular services. What I'm looking for is some kind universal solution.

I will probably look into these options but universal SMS would have much higher priority as it would satisfy all users at once.

Jason said...

With the fact that I use a phone with unlimited data, I never even use SMS at all anyway (I know, GASP). I just send emails from my phone. As someone pointed out already in the US at least most carriers allow you to SMS to any email address. So having a Knotler email submission address seems like the way to go. There are even other services people can use to twitter or jaiku to an email address, which could go to Knotler. And my Killer App. Using the email you'd setup with Jott:! Instant shopping list items to your knotler list by just calling a number and saying it!!

ceedee said...

I'm in the same situation as Jason -- unlimited mobile data.

I appreciate your point about providing links to the never-ending number of 'contact clients' so how about providing each list as an RSS feed?

Just about anything should be able to accept RSS these days, and you wouldn't need to go further with your Netvibes widget...

Great app by the way. I'm loving it!

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