Monday, October 8, 2007

List Options Revamp: Email Item List and Change Password

We have revamped list option panel. Click the new "More Options" link to reveal two new options: Email Item List and Change List Password.


new_optionsEmail Item List

There is a number of uses for this feature. You can use it to send your item list to your handset or PDA for "offline" viewing.

Or you can set up an "Email to SMS" forwarding at your cell phone provider's site.


Change List Password

Ok, we admit this feature should have been here right from the start. But [here comes the cliche] nobody's perfect.

Use it to set, change or remove password from your list.


Anonymous said...

I'm sad that this service has seemingly died on the vine. It would have really been useful. :( Can't really use it without SMS support.

Unknown said...

Could you please bring to open source? I really like to modify it